Early College & High School Alternatives for Teens

Would you like the chance to...

Design your own schedule?

Let go of teen drama?

Get more rest?

Have more time to pursue your interests beyond school?

Finish college with less debt?

Work a part-time job?

Most teens that attend Early College report that they feel more motivated and purposeful. Taking college classes in high school or attending community college rather than traditional high school provides them with more classes to choose from and the ability to take them at whatever time of day they prefer. Some teens choose to schedule classes that start mid-morning or early afternoon so they can sleep in. As a result, they are more rested and motivated throughout the day.
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Do you want to feel...



More Creative?

In the driver's seat?

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Have you heard these messages?

"We know high school sucks but it’s what you have to do."

"Okay, you’re socially stressed but you need to learn to handle it!"

"If you don’t get your act together, you won’t succeed!"

Other teens have found inspiration and hope in Early College.

You can create a customized approach to your education. Early College can reduce stress and anxiety that results from the social drama of traditional high school. If you feel bored or unmotivated, you need a new path. Community College can allow you to make positive progress in your life. Experience renewed interest in your own education!

What Teens Are Saying About Early College

"Because I was on a community college campus, I knew people so well and met other students with similar values as me. We were able to create clubs and be very involved on campus. When I was applying to selective private colleges it reflected very positively on me."

Isabelle V.

“People in H.S. don't want to be there, and I would have struggled with that. I loved making my own schedule in Community College. It was amazing to just take classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have more free time for other stuff, like rowing. It taught me how to deal with freedom and manage my time.”

Sam P.

“I started doing Early College because I wanted a different learning environment. I was stuck in a cookie-cutter education scenario. I have loved Early College and I have a ton of transferable credit and it has saved me a ton of money.”

Daysia J.

“Lots of H.S. students were having the same experience I had. As soon as you know there is a different path, your feelings of hopelessness change. You rise to take accountability of your education.”

Emily M.

“It's very motivating to be 14 or 15 as an Early College student and to have the school make it clear that they won't just throw you in alone. They will completely support you along the way.”

Raul G.

“It was awesome. I fit in. You can be who you want to be and no one will judge you. It was great to get out of the toxic high school environment. Very eye-opening.”

Emily N.


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