Jump Education supports families in doing high school differently

Early College programs have been a game changer for thousands of teens across the U.S. seeking high school alternatives, and there’s a good chance it will be for yours, too! Every family and child is unique. You deserve the opportunity to customize your student’s education so they can get what they need to thrive.

How it works

There are 2 pathways to Early College

Early College High School programs

Enroll your teen in a free, public charter high school that offers an early college program, also referred to as a dual-enrollment program. They have the opportunity to earn college credit and a high school diploma simultaneously. Tuition is usually covered by the school.

A good option for the family that values the financial savings and wants to be part of a program


Early Community College

Advance to college without a high school diploma to earn college credits, or complete an Associate Degree. Tuition is paid by the family, also referred to as out-of-pocket.

A good option for the family looking for high school alternatives, valuing more freedom and maximum flexibility

Less Stress and Improved Learning
Increased Motivation and Independence
An Empowering Social Environment
More Time to Explore Personal Interests
Better College Preparedness
Potential Financial Savings
Making the Decision

When you go against the norm or choose a path less traveled, it can feel risky. Even a risk you feel good about taking can make a family worried. How do you know you’re doing the right thing?

No one can tell you what the “right” decision is for your family. What we can tell you is that students who choose the Early College path report higher levels of satisfaction and have greater persistence rates in college, meaning they are more likely to continue on and complete a college degree. This risk is one that generally pays off.

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Potential Gains of Early College

You probably already know that college gives teens more choices, more freedom, and points them in the direction of greater career success. But there are other goodies for your teen that you might not realize, things like:

Better physical and mental health - virtually all Early College students report increased levels of health, happiness, and confidence.

Save up to $50,000 on College - By completing two years of college for free while in high school, students can save lots of money!

A greater capacity for innovative thinking - the diversity represented in a community college classroom exposes teens to a wider variety of thought

Being part of an equity booster - Early College started as a way to encourage low-income and ethnic minorities to increase their attendance in higher ed

What is the Goal?

Raising a better grown-up,
not just a better college student.

It’s so easy as parents to focus on the task of getting your child safely to adulthood. We can get stuck on the milestones of turning 18, graduating high school, getting into college. Sometimes these short-term goals let us lose sight of what we really want for our kids. Long-term values such as persistence, passion, and creativity are qualities that make for a more satisfying adult life, post college. You aren’t just getting your child through high school. You want to give them the opportunity to become a happier, healthier adult.
What Parents Are Saying About Early College
"It's been nothing but a great experience for our kids. There are little challenges that come along but I like the fact that we are walking through it together. Andrew is going to be attending George Fox University and our family will save about $50,000 because he attended Early College while completing his high school diploma."

Karissa P.

"In Early College we have seen so much growth in our son. Now he is motivated and takes pride in his work. He creates his own schedule and can avoid all the pressure of trying to socialize with kids he couldn’t connect with anyway. He can still play sports in H.S. but will be graduating with an A.A. degree when his friends are just earning a H.S. diploma. And Early College is saving him about $50,000 in college expenses!"

Dave B.

“Both of my girls feel like Early College was the best choice they have made. They get their schoolwork done at a faster pace and don’t have all the busywork and distractions of H.S. They get their social needs met by doing 4-H, Ballroom Dancing, and just hanging out with friends. The financial savings are also a large factor for our family. Getting these first two years of college for free is a huge benefit.”

Charlotte A.

"Our son really likes working on cars and decided to do the Diesel Technology Associate Degree while in Early College. He's getting a head start on learning a trade and there is a huge need for trade workers right now. They make really good money and there are so many jobs out there. And his college courses are paid for by his Early College High School."

Svetlana V.

"When Daysia chose the Early College path her smile came back right away. She has newfound direction and focus and it’s saving us tens of thousands of dollars. Other parents that used to be skeptical about the Early College path now want to know more about it so their younger kids can do it too."

Carissa and Daysia J.

"In Early College, my teens were able to customize their schedule so they had more time for martial arts. This independence was so important for them. They really enjoyed classes at the community college with various aged students. If you can get college credit while in high school and have it paid for it’s a win-win!"

Julene S.


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