There’s a new way to do High School. It’s called Early College!

Create an education plan that helps your teen discover purpose and motivation in their lives.

What if teens could have the space to learn without the drama, negativity and typical stress in high school students?


Let us be your Early College High School guide

Jump Education advocates for a customized approach to teen education to improve social and academic learning experiences by providing information and consultation about Early College Programs.
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Opportunities Available To You
There are 2 primary options for Early College. Determine which path is available and will be best suited for your teen, given your family’s unique situation.

Early College High School programs

These college classes for high school students may allow teens to receive a high school diploma and an Associate Degree.

Tuition is paid by your Early College high school and made free to you.


Early Community College

Advance to college without a high school diploma and earn an Associate Degree through your local Community College.

Tuition is paid by the family for college courses.

These educational paths can offer…
Less High School Stress and Improved Learning
Increased Motivation and Independence
An Empowering Social Environment
More Time to Explore Personal Interests
Better College Preparedness
Potential Financial Savings

What Teens Are Saying About Early College

Daysia J.

“I started doing Early College because I wanted a different learning environment. I was stuck in a cookie-cutter education scenario. I have loved Early College and I have a ton of transferable credit and it has saved me a bunch of money.”

Emily M.

“Lots of H.S. students were having the same experience I had. As soon as you know there is a different path, your feelings of hopelessness change. You rise to take accountability of your education”

Raul G.

“It’s very motivating to be 14 or 15 as an Early College student and to have the school make it clear that they won’t just throw you in alone. They will completely support you along the way.”
Reconsider What You Have Learned About High School Education
Why challenge the traditional approach to high school? Because a one-size-fits-all high school experience does not work for many teens. We've put together resources for you which can help you develop a customized approach to high school where your teen can have improved learning environments without the drama, negativity, and unnecessary high school stress that so many are experiencing in traditional settings.
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