“It is so much better than high school. You aren’t around so many kids so there’s no high school drama. And you have a lot more time to do things that you love.”
Chelby A. | Student
“Through a Charter School you have this ability to take college classes and earn dual credit, maybe eliminate some busy work and find yourself in a healthier social environment.”
Ben J. | Student
“My daughter really appreciated Early College. She felt she was wasting her time in high school and college felt more real and beneficial to her. She didn’t feel it was that much harder work but it had more purpose for her.”
Julene S. | Parent
“If the reason someone was hesitant to go to Community College was that it would be too difficult, I would immediately reassure them that that’s not the case. If you are able to handle high school well it’s nothing that you can’t manage.”
Asa H. | Student
“It was important for me to meet some younger friends and I was able to do that. And I am involved in high school sports so I can keep my friends that way too.”
Andrew P. | Student
“It’s interesting when she chose this path how much she came to life. Her smile came back and she wasn’t isolating in her room. She quit putting so much pressure on herself. In the end, it’s saving us tens of thousands of dollars and she has this newfound direction and focus.”
Carissa J. | Parent