An Alternative to Traditional High School, It’s Called Early College.

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This podcast featuring Jump Education is called “Early College as an Alternative to the Traditional High School Path with Tom Pike” (Click on the link to listen to the podcast). Betsy is the host of the High School Hamster Wheel podcast.

Betsy’s podcast is amazing for parents and teens who are trying to navigate different alternatives to high school. She kindly invited us to her podcast because she too looks for high school alternatives. Early College is not only a great alternative to high school but also a great opportunity for teens to feel safe and grow in a welcoming environment. 

We feel extremely lucky to share the same passion as Betsy. That being that there are different paths for teens to explore and grow rather than just traditional high school. If you haven’t heard of Early College before and are interested in learning more, listen to Early College as an Alternative to the Traditional High School Path with Tom Pike. 

Here are a few words that Betsy said about this podcast with Tom:

“Tom is the founder of Jump Education, an educational consulting service that helps families and teens understand the benefits of Early College and how to access that path. I am all about helping young people find the path that is best for them and the early college path is one that is definitely worth exploring. During our conversation, Tom explains what early college is and the types of students that will do well with early college. He also outlines the many benefits of early college related to mental health, finances, engagement, customization, and educational outcomes. It’s no secret that our public school systems are struggling due to a lack of teacher retention and outdated standards that just don’t fit today’s learners. If your teen is fed up with high school and has lost their passion for learning, sit down next to them and hit the play button. You won’t regret it.”

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